As you are turning to a new chapter in your life, there are so many precious moments that you would treasure for years to come. The fun, beautiful engagement photos captured before your big day; the first glance of the you and your spouse-to-be in the most important day of you lives, bride's dad walks her down the aisle; the joy and laughter the couple have with their families and friends...

There are just countless moments to be captured on your wedding day.

When you look back after many decades, you will be sitting warmly near the fire with your grandkids and saying "... this is granny and granddad's wedding day..."


The moments are real.


They are to be treasured for years to come.


Capture The Big Day Photography is dedicated to keep your memories alive. We believe that photography service is not just clicking the shutter, but to be in the moment with you, and document your joys and tears and laughter in an artistic way.

Christina Szeto

Owner and Chief Photographer

Capture The Big Day Photography

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