Christina is the chief photographer and founder of Capture The Big Day Photography.

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Hi there! My name is Christina, I am an on-location lifestyle photographer.


Photography, especially portraits, is no doubt my greatest passion in life.


Raised in Hong Kong and graduated with First class honors in the one of the top business schools in the country, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I worked in a tech firm for some years before becoming a full time photographer. My job was stable and promising and yet I felt something was missing.


I didn't know I had the eyes of a photographer until my good friends, Gigi and Jacky, invited me to take engagement photos for them in 2012. It was my honor because they put their trust in someone like me, who was just a beginner in photography. This experience was life changing; I fell in love with photography and pursued to perfect my skills.


I started as a part-timer on weekends while I still had a full time office job. Apart from books and workshops, I learned my craft mainly by experience. I reviewed my work the night after each wedding or engagement job even though I was weary and tired (and had to get up early the next morning to work). On week nights after coming home from the office, I browsed the work of top wedding photographers around the world and studied how they set the lighting, pose the couple and retouch the pictures. Photography kept me alive and I never felt exhausted in doing what I love. My award-winning photography mentors, Mr Andy Yau, Mr Bakkin Chan and Mr Eric Chau, played an important role in my photography career by giving me honest and constructive feedback. I still remember in the years that I first started, Andy and I had an on-location rehearsal on setting the lights before an engagement photography session. The engagement session happened to take place on a coast with raging waves and tides; high camera shutter speed would be needed together with high-speed flash synchronization, and I learned all these technical stuff with Andy during the rehearsal. 


Later on my work had been noticed by Professor Freedom Leung of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I was then hired to teach undergraduate students photography. It opened another possibility for me—I discovered my talent as a teacher. 


After years of photographic experience and mentoring beginners in photography, I finally quit my stable full time job and became a full time photographer. I moved to San Francisco in 2015, and became a student again in UC Berkeley Extensions International Program.


Today, I own a business, Photosprouts Photography Workshops, which offers photography services and education in California. It was very challenging to start a business in a foreign country, and yet I believe we need to step out of one’s comfort zone and pursue what you love.


I have to thank my boy friend, Barry, for his unfailing support which is manifested in his fantastic cooking and professional business consultancy. He is a wonderful partner who just loves and accepts who I am.


Life is a collection of experiences. I strive to become a better person today than I was yesterday. 

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